Smart Card

The Smart Card (SCardSvr) service manages and controls access to a smart card that is inserted into a smart card reader that is connected to the computer. The smart card subsystem is based on Personal Computer/Smart Card (PC/SC) Workgroup consortium standards. For more information, see PC/SC Workgroup.

The Resource Manager component manages the access to readers and smart cards. To manage these resources, the Resource Manager performs the following functions:

  • Identifies and tracks resources
  • Allocates readers and resources across multiple applications
  • Supports transaction primitives to access services that are available on a given card

If this service stops, the computer is unable to read smart cards.

This service is installed by default in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and its startup type is Manual.

When the Smart Card service is started in its default configuration, it logs on by using the Local Service account.

The Smart Card service is dependent upon the following system component:

  • Plug and Play

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