Simple TCP/IP Services

Simple TCP/IP Services (simptcp) implements support for the following protocols and ports:

  • Echo, port 7, RFC 862
  • Discard, port 9, RFC 863
  • Character Generator, port 19, RFC 864
  • Daytime, port 13, RFC 867
  • Quote of the Day, port 17, RFC 865

When you enable Simple TCP/IP Services, all five protocols are enabled on all adapters. There is no ability to selectively enable specific services or enable the service on per-adapter basis.

If you stop or disable Simple TCP/IP Services, the rest of the operating system is unaffected. We recommend that you do not install this service unless you specifically need a computer to support communication with other computers that use the referenced protocols.

This service is not installed by default, and it must be added through the Turn Windows Features on or off dialog box in the Programs area of Control Panel.

When Simple TCP/IP Services is started it logs on by using the Local Service account by default.

Simple TCP/IP Services is dependent upon the following system component:

  • Ancillary Function Driver for Winsock

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