Configure Slow link speed

Configures the threshold value at which Offline Files considers a network connection to be "slow". Any network speed below this value is considered to be slow.When a connection is considered slow Offline Files automatically adjust its behavior to avoid excessive synchronization traffic and will not automatically reconnect to a server when the presence of a server is detected.If you enable this setting you can configure the threshold value that will be used to determine a slow network connection.If this setting is disabled or not configured the default threshold value of 64000 bps is used to determine if a network connection is considered to be slow.Note: Use the following formula when entering the slow link value: [ bps / 100]. For example if you want to set a threshold value of 128000 bps enter a value of 1280.

Policy path: 

Network\Offline Files



Supported on: 

Windows XP Professional only

Registry settings: 




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