Windows event ID 4771 - Kerberos pre-authentication failed

Event ID: 



Account Logon


Kerberos Authentication Service

Supported on: 

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008

Kerberos pre-authentication failed.

Account Information:
Security ID: %2
Account Name: %1

Service Information:
Service Name: %3

Network Information:
Client Address: %7
Client Port: %8

Additional Information:
Ticket Options: %4
Failure Code: %5
Pre-Authentication Type: %6

Certificate Information:
Certificate Issuer Name: %9
Certificate Serial Number: %10
Certificate Thumbprint: %11

Certificate information is only provided if a certificate was used for pre-authentication.

Pre-authentication types, ticket options and failure codes are defined in RFC 4120.

If the ticket was malformed or damaged during transit and could not be decrypted, then many fields in this event might not be present.

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